Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

By accessing the online purchasing section, you accept all the terms and conditions contained in this document and the operational instructions related to the use of theavventuranelparco.it website. By completing the purchase procedure you declare: – to be informed about the nature of the proposed activity, the methods and tools used, the possible risks and inconveniences reasonably foreseeable during the activity and the regulation of the activity itself. (link regolamento)

Failure to participate or cancellation

If the user is unable to participate in the booked activity, a credit will remain that can be used for any other activity.

The same applies in the event that “Avventura nel Parco” were to cancel the booked activity due to force majeure (adverse weather events, interrupted roads, etc.)

Protection of personal data and consent to processing

Personal data will be processed pursuant to Article 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679 regarding the protection of personal data. The processing of data collected voluntarily provided by filling in forms and online purchases takes place according to principles of lawfulness and correctness for the purposes related to the relationship established with “Avventura nel Parco”. The data collected will not be disclosed. “Avventura nel Parco”, data controller, processes personal data with paper and IT tools suitable to guarantee its security and confidentiality. At any time the data subject can exercise his rights to have full clarity on the use of the data, to request changes, updates or other interventions on the information managed by us.

By completing the registration procedure I give my consent to the sending of promotional communications by email, messaging services including web, paper mail.