Celebrate your Birthday or Anniversary in contact with Nature!

Organize an unforgettable experience with us that will make every moment with your friends and family special.

Our outdoor activities are perfect for groups of friends or families eager to experience memorable adventures. Whether you are throwing a birthday party or planning to celebrate an anniversary, we offer a wide range of options to satisfy your wishes.

What we offer you

Group activities

From exciting mountain hikes to relaxing canoe trips on the lakes, we have something for all tastes and ages. And the larger the group, the more fun it is! Imagine sailing on the crystal clear waters of Lake Fiastra with your loved ones, or exploring the panoramic paths of the Sibillini Mountains on an unforgettable day outdoors.

Don’t just give a material thing for your birthday or anniversary, give experiences that will remain etched in everyone’s memories. Give a special touch to your celebration with our adventurous and nature activities.

Two-hour canoe tour on Lake Fiastra

12,00 15,00 
2 hours

Adventure park on the Corno river

40 minutes

Adventure park at Lake Fiastra

20,00 25,00 
50 minutes
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